Mayne Island Karate

Beginning in September 2017 at Dinner Bay Park, Kian began teaching karate to kids and youth between the ages of 5-14 on Mayne Island. The group now practices weekly at the Mayne Island Community Centre.


Kian's background in karate began in 1997 at the Delta Karate School studying Renshikan karate from instructors Dr. Chee Ling, Dr. Rassamee Ling, and Dr. Marshall Cheng - all former national karate champions - as well as late Sensei David Akutagawa. As a teenager, Kian competed nationally and internationally through Karate BC, the National Karate Association, and the World Karate Federation. Between 2002-2007, he represented the BC, Quebec and Canada Teams, winning 3 golds and a silver medal in kumite (sparring) and 4 bronze medals in kata (pre--arranged forms) at the national level; and a silver medal in kumite at the Pan American Championships in 2004.

In 2008, Kian was introduced to non-competitive ki-based Soshinkan karate, founded by Sensei Kenji Ushiro in Tokyo, Japan. Kian has been very inspired by this style and does their best to follow Ushiro Sensei's teachings to bring to Mayne Island Karate. 

Mayne Island Karate reflects Kian's experience in sport and traditional karate, as well as his life's work in community organizing and social justice. Kian believes in guiding students to be reflective of their personal needs as part of the greater collective group to inform their karate practice. Karate has been a practice that has supported Kian's life in many ways beyond physical and mental exercise. It is a practice he continues to find depth in that informs how to navigate through life's conflict and challenges. He hopes to pass on these teachings so karate as a practice will be a tool Mayne Island youth can relate to as a support throughout their lives.  

As Kian's sensei Dr. Ling has always said "karate is a lifelong practice".

Classes are Wednesdays from 6:15 - 7:15pm and are $10/class.